Thank you for your interest in Iron Horse Industrial Park. Iron Horse is a general-use industrial park located on the national rail line network in the center of the United States. This industrial park consists of a 400-acre plot of Native American trust land owned by the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, located 35 minutes east of Oklahoma City.

The well-planned layout of the park provides tenants with direct access to both rail and the U.S. highway system. The industrial park is less than 10 miles from Interstate 40 and within two miles of U.S. 177.

Our Native American trust land status and location in the center of the United States means money and time-savings for our tenants.

We’d be happy to provide you with some information on how to relocate or open your business inside the park. Please provide as many details as possible about your needs and one of our staff will contact you.

For more information, please contact Dr. James Collard at 405-275-3121 or, or contact Courtney Palmer at
Citizen Potawatomi Nation is a federally-recognized government and has inherent sovereign status recognized by treaty and federal law.

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